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Woven In- Installation at the Museum of Ventura County


This installation is made of raw combed sheep wool, done by chilean artist Minga Opazo. Minga's work is inspired by the fundamental processes of the textile industry.  She reminds us of where our fabric comes from and that in the process of becoming our daily clothing there are unanticipated consequences that can greatly affect the environment and communities in which we live. For instance, the Channel islands used to be covered with feral sheep that were greatly damaging the islands habitat. The sheep were originally brought there for textile production. Left on the island without a predator the feral sheep along with other livestock flourished consuming and destroying island vegetation wreaking havoc on the delicate ecosystem. Thanks to the museum of Ventura County the artist had the opportunity to create this installation and visit the Channel Islands National Park, where she experimented with yarn and photography to bring the concept of this installation together.  On Show October 6th- December 30th, 2018


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